MORITSCH CRANES S.r.l. has decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System in order to demonstrate to the market and its customers its ability to carry out the activities of “DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, SALE, ASSISTANCE TO INSTALLATION AND AFTER-SALES ASSISTANCE OF THE FOLLOWING PRODUCT LINES: RTL, RTT AND RTM.” as well as “SALE OF ACCESSORIES AND COMPONENTS FOR THE TREATED PRODUCT LINES (RTL, RTT, RTM).”.

The application of the Quality Management System aims to meet the requirements applicable to the products and services offered (expressed, unspoken and those identified as mandatory and in any case affecting the safety aspects of the machine), through a transparent management of the activities carried out.

Commitment to improve the Quality Management System is essential for each team member as a means to mantain a trusting relationship with Clients, with the aim of guaranteeing a constant growth in terms of turnover, profits and image.


  • Commit to use only certified raw materials of origin and to improve where possible and economically convenient the quality, technical level and characteristics of products, processes and services provided, in full compliance with the applicable mandatory requirements.
  • Pay attention to the human resources that operate within its processes through the continuous assessment of needs in terms of competence, education and training.
  • Select its Suppliers on the basis of their ability to meet the defined requirements and establish mutually beneficial relationships with these Partners in order to improve the ability of both to create value for the Customer.
  • Collect and develop information relating to Quality, with particular regard to Non-Compliances and Complaints, in order to annually review the effectiveness of the Q.M.S. and the Company’s performance.
  • Adopt an Annual Improvement Plan, to support the various company functions and with the aim of measuring and / or monitoring (where possible) the progress made and quantifying the gaps to be filled.